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A Petrophysics company
dedicated to Petroleum Exploration services

GEG, Llc.,a petroleum exploration service company, is specialized in well and core data interpretation.

Our mission is to offer practical services for prospect evaluation. We regularly contribute to resolving these issues with our clients.

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General Contract Terms and Conditions .

I. Definitions

GEG - A supplier of Oil and Gas consulting services.
Client - The person, firm, company or other entity for whom GEG is providing services or supplying products.
Personnel - The officers, directors, owners, employees, agents, contractors and subcontractors.

II. Warranties and liabilities

Interpretation of subsurface data or other information obtained to aid in the evaluation of the clients well, field or interest are opinions based upon inferences from measurements, empirical relationships and assumptions  which are not infallible.  GEG cannot and does not warrant the accuracy or correctness or completeness of any such interpretation.  The client retains full responsibility for all decisions regarding the property, well, or field.

III. Confidentiality

GEG personnel will not, without the written consent of Client, divulge to outside parties any information obtained by GEG from or through Client, third party, or otherwise developed or obtained by GEG in connection with the performance of services, unless (a) the information is known to GEG prior to obtaining it from Client or third party, (b) the information is, at the time of disclosure by GEG, then in the public domain, or (c) the information is obtained by GEG from an outside party who did not receive it directly or indirectly from Client or third party.

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